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NS1.29.5.22 – Overtone Moon 22,
KIN 92  1Human
Year of the Blue Spectral Storm

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016


Declaring the End of Artificial Time and Shifting from Fear to Love

We are at an evolutionary crossroads on Earth. 2016 has been a year of mass awakening around the planet… From the “new cold war 2.0” between U.S. and Russia to the escalation of the war in Syria, to the immigrant crisis in Europe, U.S. elections, Wikileaks e-mail scandals, the coming presidency of Donald Trump, to worldwide protests and manifestations of unconformity, to the most recent and blatant violation of Human Rights of indigenous people at Standing Rock in North Dakota, U.S… All these events (we just named a few) are serving as alarm triggers signaling a time for “We the People” to take pro-active actions, correct the course of history and avoid a head-on collision with our own miss-creations.


As a result of this healing crisis, a critical mass of Humans is awakening to the fact that there is “something” very wrong at the root of our society…  This is triggering an increasing atmosphere of unease, fear, tension, and conflict on Earth. What could be that “something”, that broken element at the root of society that is serving as a painful catalyst for change?  Could it be the calendar (the operating system of society) at the source of the problem? Could this be the reason why we keep repeating painful events from the past and history keeps repeating itself like a hopeless “broken record”? What can be done about this?

Everyone who loves peace wants to do something. And we need to do something NEW and revolutionary. Something that will stop the war. Something that will stop the injustice. Something radically simple. How about changing the calendar and starting again? Yes. If we can change the time, we can declare an end to the time of war and fear. And then we can enter a new time of peace. The choice is actually ours. To change the calendar now is to change the course of history and to revolutionize altogether the future of civilization on Earth. It is to…

  stART again…


A calendar is like the operating system of your computer. You are usually unaware that you are using it until a GLITCH causes the system to get confused. A calendar should not create confusion due to its irregularity and irrationality. It should be an operating system that is clear, simple, and perpetual, one that creates awareness of natural cycles of time.

“To change and replace the calendar with the thirteen moon standard is to return us to our original purpose, leading us back to pathways of natural health. According to the law of time, the damage already inflicted in the time humanity last hesitated and lost the chance to alter its timing frequency, 40 years ago, has been incalculable. The final opportunity to change the calendar and the timing frequency is now upon us. Because of this we must be very clear and unshakable in our understanding and determination to expose and eliminate the current civil calendar for once and for all.” ~ José Argüelles



In the current world standard 12-month Gregorian calendar, the units of measure, months, are of unequal length. Perhaps it is the only measurement known to man that has unequal units of measure.


Consider that today is Monday. Using the 12-month system, it is “Monday, December 6th, 2016”. According to this system, we are coming to the end of the year. In 26 days it will be the start of a NEW YEAR (a new PROGRAM) on “January 1st, 2017”… But do you know what day of the week will it be January 1st, 2017?  Because the months are irregular and do not have a whole number of weeks, WE DO NOT KNOW. 

When there is this disruption in the flow of consciousness, it is like a GLITCH in the operating system. It causes error and confusion. And this occurs every day for millions of people. Such a system is an idiotic basis of human thought. It is a time virus, and so it is a consciousness virus. The ramifications are incredible just as it is incredible that such a system of confusion is still in use. 




“In these unprecedented moments on Earth, we live in a time of great mystery and unknown. We are all called to open to the guidance of Nature and to attune to our deepest center; our internal spiritual guidance; our heart-knowing. In this light, I propose a 2016[~2017] New Time Resolution to practice all year long:“Transcend the linear confines of mechanical time and free your heart & mind into natural time!”

Living in natural time is a personal study that can be accessed by tracking nature-based calendars, as well as by cultivating a connection to one’s natural, internal rhythms. Likewise, we all have dormant telepathic capacities waiting to be activated. The process of awakening our telepathy is greatly supported by taking one’s attention off the idea of time being located outside of oneself (mistaking “time” for the numbers on a clock or a computer screen) and truly awakening to the understanding that We are the Pulse of Time; Natural Time is a living force within us, its sacred order governs our unfolding as creatures in this Grand Creation.”

-EDEN SKY- A New Time Resolution



In just 3 days, on December 10, 2016 (NS1.29.5.25 ~ KIN 96 5Warrior)  we will have the celebration of the 23rd version of Human Rights Day. As we keep witnessing the progressive awakening of humanity go hand in hand with a deep cleansing of human relationships at every level of modern society, we need more than ever to think outside the box. This means to think outside the confines of a dying materialistic paradigm based on an erroneous and arbitrary timing measure that is at the core~root of it.

Inspired by the legacy of two brave human beings who also dedicated their life to changing the current civil calendar we use today (George Eastman Kodak and José Argüelles)  the Global Council for Calendar Awareness (GCCA), an autonomous educational and cultural platform, working in collaboration with the Foundation for the Law of Time (FLT), urges people of goodwill and conscience everywhere on Earth to adopt the 13-Moon/Month, 28-Day Calendar as their new standard starting January 1st, 2017.

As part of this calendar awareness campaign, and in order to facilitate this process,  GCCA and FLT have been introducing a FREE “New Time Educational KIT” and offering it as The Gift of Time during this most special and meaningful time of the year around the Earth. This educational kit is comprised of 3 basic principles:



 Stopping Time: A 13-Moon Primer



13 Moon Self Study Pilot Program



13-Mo•nth, 28-Day



The 13-Mo•nth, 28-Day TRANSITIONAL calendar is presented as a Gift of Time to all human beings who feel ready to synchronize with Nature by exercising their free will and elevating their perceptions of time one level up, starting January 1st, 2017. It’s Time to stART again…


The purpose of this distilled version of the “original” 13-Moon, 28-day calendar introduced by José Argüelles in 1992, is to offer it as a simple and powerful tool that can serve as a BRIDGE to assist the Human family in transitioning from centuries of subjugation to the current erroneous civil standard toward a burgeoning choice point whereby we are catalyzed to establish a new harmonic standard for timekeeping that promotes greater access to our inherent creativity and capacity to live in right relationship with each other and the planet. The conditions for change are ripe, now more than ever. We do not have the luxury to ignore this clarion call. Our lives and the lives of generations yet to come depend upon our willingness to do what must be done. Harmony, balance, and synchronicity are what we have to gain.  Adopting a new calendar means a new society and a new way of doing things.  

“To change how people think we must take a profoundly simple and universal element of everyday life, one in which all everyday thinking is rooted, and change it so radically that the way in which people think will itself be dramatically changed. If you want to know that something has really changed, change the calendar! This is the meaning of the replacement of the Gregorian calendar by the Thirteen Moon calendar. The calendar change is necessary because, as the pragmatic application of the discovery of the Law of Time, it brings into focus the essence of this discovery: Time is a frequency, the frequency of synchronization. If a calendar does not increase synchronization, it is not performing its highest function. This is the fundamental critique of the Gregorian calendar and of all concepts of time based solely on physical, third-dimensional astronomical measurements. This discovery is so new and startling that it affects all human thought and is a matter to which all belief systems, religions, and methods of science must be cognizant. Yet nothing, it seems, is more difficult for humanity than to make this change from a manifest disharmony to a manifest harmony.

Historical man recoils at the prospect of actual harmony-harmony in natural time. This is because historical man defines his existence and thrives upon the dis- harmonies of his own invented time. The Gregorian calendar keeps the human mind entrained in a diabolical disorder of meaninglessly named months of uneven mea- sure, while every day is tracked and driven by a relentless mechanism called a clock. This immersion of the mind of historical man in the frequency of his own artificial time, more than any other factor, condemns him to a world of inescapable horrors: traffic jams, poverty, terrorism, unresolvable historical and territorial disputes, global warming, environmental degradation, social disorder, insanity, and drug abuse. The problem of historical human-Homo historicus is compounded by the unconscious nature of his acceptance of this timing sensibility, believing it to be the actual nature of time. Hence, all his public and economic policies are driven by and deter- mined by the relentlessness of this perception that time is an arrow blindly pulling him into a future in which his only defense is the creation of more technology, the technosphere itself being a pure expression of the application of the mechanization of time.

José Argüelles
Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs



Until the human race is willing to own its mistake of living in the wrong time and removing itself from the influence of this wrong time, humanity has no hope whatsoever of curing itself of the problems which it alone has created.

The most immediate first step that needs to be taken is to relinquish the Gregorian calendar, replacing it instead with the mathematically accurate calendar of the thirteen moons. […]

The discovery that time is a frequency mathematically expressed as the ratio 13:20 requires a profound reorganization of all thought about time and the consequent reorganization of human society as a planetary organism. As the unified field theory of time, the discovery of the Law of Time calls for the human synchronization in time predicated on the establishment of the Thirteen Moon [/Month] calendar as the global civil standard replacing the current erroneous timing standard, the Gregorian. This is a matter taken with the utmost seriousness, since it is also recognized that all belief systems are locked up or embedded in the calendars or time reckoning systems used by a people.

It is of utmost importance that the knowledge of time as the 13 Moons in motion be disseminated through all media and education systems of the planet as rapidly as possible, and that the Gregorian calendar be relinquished as soon as possible. Once humanity is operating on the correct standard of time, it will have a proper basis of unification for accomplishing the enormous and heroic task that now challenges it. Greater than any spiritual teaching is the gift of time.

-José Argüelles

We are used to waiting for institutions like the Vatican, the President or Congress, or the UN to approve/dictate a new law/calendar… The proactive choice now is to change the calendar yourself. That’s right. The way to change the old paradigm is to begin to live by a timing standard that is a harmonic reflection of the cycles of nature. The 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar Awareness Campaign is a people’s movement, synchronized with Nature’s movement, to restore harmony and peace on Earth. This movement is destined to usher a Calendar Referendum for the year 2020 when a new collective choice point can be reached to implement a new timing system based on the accurate measure of the actual harmonic principles behind the astronomical cycles governing the Earth.



“The 13 Moon calendar synchronizes solar and galactic cycles on July 26, correlating with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. Each of the 13 moons has a power, action, and quality which define an annual program to synchronize our consciousness with stellar, solar, and lunar cycles. As a perfect measure of cosmic time, this calendar is actually a SYNCHRONOMETER, an instrument for measuring synchronicity. Followed daily, it gives us a new lens through which to perceive events. IN THE NEW TIME, SYNCHRONICITY IS THE NORM!” -Stephanie South


We must understand that the artificial operating system we have lived under for more than four centuries has contributed, more than anything, to the enduring and increasing chaos perpetuated throughout the planet, affecting Mother Earth (the Biosphere), in ways we have been conditioned to simply ignore. No longer can we afford to remain ignorant. And, we do have a choice! Please join the people’s movement to establish the 13-month, 28-day calendar as the Harmonic Standard by Magnetic 1 (July 26), Blue Lunar Storm Year (2020) – NS1.33.1.1.



  1. CHANGE YOUR CALENDAR.  The Gregorian year is finishing. It’s time to formulate your new year’s resolutions. How about shifting your whole experience and perception of time altogether?  This is the best time to make the shift from artificial time to natural time and experience more harmony individually and collectively. Let’s elevate our perceptions of time by making the conscious choice of integrating the 13-month X 28-day perpetual calendar with the Gregorian 12-month calendar until we change the program altogether. As more people switch their minds to attune to a natural harmonic standard, the underlying basis of practically everything we know in society will start to change.  The more human beings whose minds and bodies are attuned, the more harmony we will be able to experience individually and collectively in the world. Changing the calendar is the Untried Solution. It is to stART again.  

This coming December 18th, 2016 (NS1.29.6.6 ~KIN104 13SEED) the seed of calendar awareness will be planted on the cybersphere for you to plant it in your life if you feel inspired to do so… You will be able to print your own PDF copy at home, create your own wall almanac and display it where more people can see it.

Benefits of the New Calendar

  1. It will expand your perception of the world. That is because its perpetual harmony is coordinated by the synchronic order.
  2. It will increase your daily awareness. All you have to do to learn the synchronic order is to pay attention.
  3. It will create more synchronicity in your life. The synchronic order is the order of reality organized by time. It is synchronic because everything is synchronized! All there is is synchronicity!
  4. It will create more Order in your life/mind. Daily use of the harmonic 13:28 matrix naturally entrains your mind to higher levels of order.
  5. It will increase your attunement to Nature. Use of the 13 Moon calendar will not only attune you to natural cycles, but it will also equip you with a new lens to view all aspects of your life and relationships.
  6. It will expand your imagination. Follow the 13-moon calendar faithfully for 28 days and note what new perceptions, dream insights, and creative ideas that might occur.
  7. It will increase your intelligence. Within 52 weeks (one year) of using the 13-Moon calendar you will advance in intelligence, free dormant mind power, and increase telepathic “knowing”.
  8. It will increase your awareness about the patterns of your life. By making conscious the patterns in our life we can see how a calendar affects our mind.
  9. It will increase your sense of wholeness. Living by the synchronic order you can begin to assemble the pieces of your life to see the whole pattern.

As with anything in life, the more energy you put into learning the new language of time, the more accelerated the learning. Now is the opportunity to dispel fear and merge back into the Original Pattern that connects us directly with the Galactic Whole.

  1. SIGN THE PETITION FOR A CALENDAR REFERENDUM. Calendar Reform is essential to the rights of human beings and Nature because by harmonizing with the natural cycles of time we can restore human mental health and harmony in relation to the ‘circle of life.’ Beyond all ideologies, a correct measurement of time is a basic unifying factor of a sane and self-aware civilization. How can we have a healthy civilization based on a crooked measurement of Time? Let’s dissolve the macro-organizing principle responsible for the planetary biospheric emergency we find ourselves in, and lay the correct foundations for world peace, regenerative culture, and natural harmony. To sign and support this open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopts and implements the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2020, please go to:
  1. BE PEACE! The 13-Moon Calendar is a PEACE INITIATIVE. It is deeply inspired by the Values of the Banner of Peace. “Where there is peace, there is culture. Where there is culture there is peace.” (Nicholas Roerich)
  2. DONATE. If you appreciate this initiative and would like to see it continue, please donate any amount you feel inspired at: Your contributions will help establish a Galactic Culture based on LOVE, PEACE, ART & SYNCHRONICITY on Earth.
  1. SHARE YOUR TIME. We are now looking for time donors who feel inspired to help in the areas of Social Media/Content Management, Crowd Funding, Filming-Editing, IOs APP Development, and E-Mail Marketing. If you feel inspired to help by donating your TIME for the benefit of the planet or contributing in any other way, please drop us a note at
  2. CONTACT USThe Global Council for Calendar Awareness (GCCA) is conformed by a group of concerned human beings who came together to protect and safeguard the most sacred and transcendent of all rights: Our right to know the truth about time and the calendar we use to program our lives and our right to live in the right time.

    GCCA’s Mission is to:

  1. Educate Humanity at a global scale on the effects of calendars on consciousness. Our goal is that humanity includes this crucial subject as a TOP priority on the list of current global challenges that include increased state of war & violence, rampant human rights violations, social and racial disparity, GMO food production, water contamination, global warming, hunger, species in danger of extinction, just to name the most pressing issues…
  2. Re-Introduce the 13-Moon x 28-Day +1 Matrix as the most basic and practical application of the Law of Time.
  3. Find avenues for collaboration and collective agreement on HOW to universalize and simplify an educational process at a global scale.

Contact us with any questions, ideas, or inspirations: /



Who owns your time owns your mind; own your own time and know your own mind.
—Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan


Incorporating the fundamental principles of human rights as set forth in the 1948 “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, galactic citizenship would liberate all humans from any nationalistic allegiances. This is referred to as “galactic citizenship,” because it is in recognition that the Earth is, in reality, an orbiting satellite of a star, the sun, which is a member of the local galaxy, “Milky Way.”

By emphasizing the galactic nature of terrestrial-solar reality, we could begin to attune ourselves as a species to the fact that through our crisis and pulling together globally, we were entering the first stage or becoming a Type I cosmic civilization, that we had graduated from the old nationalistic order of strife and competition, and were in a new era of cosmic consciousness and planetary cooperation. In line with the process of noospheric emergence, we would begin to understand and see ourselves as a single planetary organism, no longer in need of committing suicide by violence and strife, but eager to heal ourselves. In this shift in mental climate resulting from our understanding of the nature and meaning of our galactic citizenship, we could entertain a far more ennobling reason for our existence. For instance, a new, higher vision and purpose for living on this Earth could be provided by everyone being assigned a role in the caretaking and custodianship of the Earth as a “Galactically Federated Planetary Park and Cultural Preserve.”


The principle here is that, once upon a time, our elders and ancestors all held the Earth to be a sacred realm, a divine playground, a garden of plenty. The advent of secularism and materialist industrialization of means and production put an end to the prevalence of that perception. But can we say that there was no truth to that Indigenous perception, or that like the sun shining behind the clouds of materialism, the sacred reality of the Earth does not yet prevail? If we survive the coming years we will certainly come to see the wisdom of regarding the Earth as a galactic theme park and cultural preserve. Our Indigenous elders may come to guide us in this process. If we become a denationalized species, bioregional organized, all of us holding galactic citizenship and no longer engaged in war and the protection or expansion of our boundaries, then as custodians and caretakers of the Galactically Federated Planetary Park and Cultural Preserve, we might be aroused to new levels of creative endeavor and cooperative ingenuity.”

“It’s not a Biospheric Crisis, but a Noospheric Emergency”

– Envisioning The Regeneration of Planet Earth –

Position Paper, Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights.

Submitted by Galactic Research Institute – Foundation for the Law of Time.