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“To grasp the distinction between 12:60 third-dimensional time and 13:20 fourth-dimensional time is to break the barrier of the consensus reality of materialism which now dooms all of our planetary existence.

Being based on a twelve-part division of space that denies the power of the thirteenth moon, which is the power of time, the Gregorian calendar consigns the consensus reality which accepts it to living exclusively in the third dimension, the plane of physical reality. In this lies the rise of the gargantuan, many-headed hydra of materialism which reduces humans to enslavement to a material technology and degrades the planetary environment without hope of any other economic lifestyle options.

To break the grip of third-dimensional time blindly and illogically incorporated in the Gregorian calendar, is to break the spell of history and to release humanity once again into the natural order of reality. The accomplishment of this monumental task may be rendered heroic and celebratory by the relinquishing of the Gregorian calendar and the acceptance of the 13-moon calendar. Thirteen is the key to the Mayan galactic codes of fourth-dimensional time, and to the annual lunation cycles by which Earth is guided in her solar path.

The solar year, incorporating mean lunation and menstrual cycles is most logically divided into thirteen 28-day months or moons, with one extra or free day. Auguste Comte (1798- 1857, galactic signature: Red Galactic Dragon), French philosopher, founder of sociology and the school of logical positivism, first initiated the perpetual calendar of thirteen months of 28 days each. The extra 365th day he termed ‘year day,’ which was to fall between December 28 and January 1. During the 1930s a calendar reform movement utilizing the perpetual thirteen moon calendar gained wide official acceptance, only to be terminated by the Second World War.

The time has come once again. The hour of destiny calls upon humanity to relinquish addiction to prejudice and illogical traditions of all kinds if there is to be another generation. The perpetual 13-moon calendar presents itself one more time. In this presentation, the calendar of the thirteen moons is backed not only by logic but by its link to the complete codes of the fourth-dimensional time, the Mayan codes, and the codes of the Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.

In these codes are to be found the basis of movement through time, the means of social reorganization for the purpose of regenerating the Earth, and of allowing and granting forgiveness and equality to all. The call is out: Convene now the Planetary Calendar Councils. Disseminate the knowledge of the 13 Moons in Motion. Gather and prepare for the new time. May the day Magnetic Seed (July 26, 1993) proclaims the arrival of the Era of Universal Peace.”

– José Argüelles
Thirteen Moons in Motion(pdf)

~ Chapter 1: “A Season Of Apocalypses: The Gregorian Calendar Unmasked A 13-Moon Postscript to the Mayan Factor”

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